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“Life will go on as long as there is someone to sing, to dance, to tell stories and to listen.” — Oren Lyons

This site celebrates stories written in English, by North American authors of Armenian descent. Here you will find more than 350 titles published in the last 100 years.

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Last updated: December 31, 2020

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20 responses to “Home

  1. sh’norhavor lini…I will follow this with great interest.

  2. Good luck with this effort. 🙂

  3. Lisette Saatjian

    This is very informative. Thank you.

  4. Wonderful, Marina; thank you so much for this wonderful resource!

  5. What a wonderful idea Marina. I had no idea we had so many Armenian writers in North America! Finally I can read Armenian authors in English!!!

  6. A wonderful, and may I add superb, initiative to help us access so many stories over the century. Varskt gadar Marina!

  7. Stella Kavoukian

    Marina, I feel that the initiative you have taken in bringing the work of these authors to light reflects your dedication in preserving our common heritage. You have made readings by Armenian authors extremely accessible. It only takes one person to create meaningful change. Thank you for your hard work.

  8. I’m often asked how the community can support Armenian American artists. It’s very simple. Read our books, listen to our music and buy our art. This website is a much needed cultural space and a wonderful resource for those interested in Armenian and diaspora literature.

  9. Thanks so much for all the hard work that this site represents. It is an invaluable community resource.

  10. 100 years ago, my grandfather, at the age of fourteen, picked up a rifle to defend Van. Later, he went to drama school in Vienna where he found a passion for the works of Shakespeare. Soon after, he translated Shakespeare’s plays to Armenian and traveled the world with his company performing the works of the master in Armenian. When he was in his fifties he started to write. I was barely ten when I watched him type away on his typewriter and hoped one day I could follow in his footsteps and become an author. This May that dream will come true and to see so many Armenians since the attempted genocide produce amazing works gives me eternal hope. From near extinction, to thriving in the arts. We have and will continue to leave our mark. I am so proud to be among those listed on this site. Thank you for this service.

  11. Thanks you Marina for doing such intelligent and thorough work covering these books. You have now established something that will be a resource for readers and writers, now, and well into the future. Bravo!

  12. Vahe Berberian

    Good job, Marina! Keep it going. Tons of love to you.

  13. What a wonderful resource you have created. Thank you for your time and immense contribution.

  14. Marina, this is such a wonderful resource for all of us! Thank you for taking the time to create such a wonderful collection. I’ll be sure to pass this link along to anyone who may not know about it. Thanks again!

  15. I hope the whole world takes advantage of this. Thanks, Marina!

  16. Bravo Marina, a great idea! I feel there is not the right amount of support for our own, this is simply a beautiful way to do just that.

  17. vapelian@yahoo.com

    A labor of love, of course, nothing else could possibly explain such an endeavor. Wonderfully well done and very, very helpful.

  18. I am so excited to be introduced to this group! The “M” in my name stands for Mandroian . . . and I echo other’s appreciation of Marina for creating and providing this resource!

  19. Thank you for introducing me to your site, Marina. You have developed such an extensive book list! It is so impressive.
    I would like to introduce you to my website: http://dianaapcar.org/ In addition to information about my film project, I have posted Diana Apcar’s books and articles about her.

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